A C C E P T A N C E    R e m a r k s Delivered By Honorable Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. Vice President of the Republic of Liberia In Response to  STATEMENT OF ENDORSEMENT & SUPPORT FOR THE CANDIDACY Presented By the Citizens of Gbarpolu County

  • A C C E P T A N C E    R e m a r k s Delivered By Honorable Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. Vice President of the Republic of Liberia In Response to  STATEMENT OF ENDORSEMENT & SUPPORT FOR THE CANDIDACY Presented By the Citizens of Gbarpolu County




    Saturday, May 27, 2017

    Bopolu City Hall,

    Bopolu, Gbarpolu County, Liberia


    Honorable Members of the Legislature Present

    Officials of Government;

    My Nephews and Nieces of Gbarpolu;

    Chiefs, Elders, Zoes, Women, Youth, and Entire population of Gbarpolu:


    Today is yet another great day and I stand before you with such pride, in yet another great and historic County of nephews, nieces, uncles, and aunts.


    Much like my native County, Lofa, Gbarpolu has been held together over the centuries by strong traditional bonds that have withstood the test of time in all circumstance.


    As I always do, I stand before you this day with great depth of humility to receive such a highly welcome booster of support from the reliable and well-intentioned people of Gbarpolu.


    My people, my nephews and nieces of Gbarpolu, what you do for me today go beyond your own imagination in terms of the proportion of its importance.


    My wife, a beautiful Gola woman, hails from Bomi but also has deep connections to Gbarpolu. So, yes we have our residence in Bomi, but we have our farm in Gbarpolu. Over the years, we have benefitted so much from your hospitality which you have given us so generously.


    You, the great sons and daughters of this segment of Liberia, previously situated in our County of Lofa, are among our citizens indisputably renowned for your reliability, your trustworthiness, your dedication, and your tenacity.


    With your verdict in favor of support to our quest, you so wisely embrace the decision of Lofa. This adds to the most powerful winds now under my wings, lifting me to heights in the supreme interest of this nation.

    As things continue to unfold along this trend, we are increasingly making the outcome of October 10 much more predictable. Yes, we are getting there.


    My eyes are now more confidently set on the ushering in of the official campaign season is to be declared by the National Elections Commission in a few months.


    I urge you therefore that we remain within the confines of our laws governing these elections. As such, I will not utter much as I would have loved to do on this epochal occasion.


    In any case, I think I point out what is increasingly becoming a potential reality in the October 10 elections. If we continue to hold together we could do this nation a favor by closing these elections in just ONE ROUND.  I venture to foresee the possibility of delivering our deafening, unequivocal and final verdict come this TUESDAY, October 10, 2017. Let us save our dear Mama Liberia the cost of an expensive and resources wasting second round.


    With the declaration of support by a lineup of other counties, eminent citizens, I can dare to call on all of us to do this 2017 election thing once and for all in the VERY FIRST ROUND. In that way every citizen benefit, be you from the opposition, independent, or governing party.


    One round will save the National Elections Commission the extra burden of doing it over again. One round will save our national coffers that huge and punishing financial outlay. One round will solidify our unity. One round will give us a clear cut government that will have one purpose, one direction, and one resolve to lift our people from their unsatisfactory level of living.


    I make this call as I acknowledge with appreciation the presence here today of a huge number of others who are friends, sympathizers and well-wishers. The bond that binds Lofa and Gbarpolu are profoundly historic. And so, together we are well on our way to write a new chapter in our book of record setting events that will climax this elections season.


    We recall fondly that it was just a couple of weeks ago that we received the endorsement of great people of Bong County. Right before that, 19 of our Senators in our Honorable House of Senate stepped forth to declare their support.


    Just two days ago, we received the open endorsement of 31 members of the House of Representatives, with assurances of a few others who, for now, tactically prefer anonymity. We are thus fashioning an unprecedented record the history of our political interaction. This should mean a whole lot for all of us.


    We are well on course to setting this nation on a firmer tract in terms of collective commitment, reconciliation, unity, commonality of purpose, and level of patriotism. We are getting in the best of mind to heal and unite our people. We are bracing to appropriately identify and set our priorities right.


    Indeed, we are on the right track as we stand so overwhelmed with pride to receive this much appreciated word of support of paramount chiefs, our elders, our zoes, our women, our youth of Gbarpolu County.  This is an honor that will remain so dearly stuck to my heart for the rest of my life. This is so uplifting and I will remain forever grateful.


    Let me again today reaffirm my commitment to live up to your expectation in the discharge of the duties and roles you will assign me by these endorsements. As captain of the ship of state, I promise to remain as humble and as honest as you have found me to be over the past many years.


    More so, I pledge to be fair and open-minded, to search at the guidance of God Almighty, with my focus only set on the supreme interest of Liberia.


    As I told the people of Lofa, my nephews and nieces of Bong, and our lawmakers, yours is my assurance that your trust will never be betrayed. I hereby acknowledge that my duty is to submit myself to the will of God, and count on your support and prayers.


    Let me close with the note I made to my Lofa people when they graciously celebrated me at the ATS on my birthday last year.


    I am fully mindful of my traditional birth and upbringing. My remarkable grooming through the traditional school, my refining through Christian education, and the shaping of me by the harsh realities of my growth and development, make me today who I am.

    And so, I can assure you—my chiefs, elders, youth, and people of Gbarpolu—that as I today reaffirm my acceptance of the challenge you have joined other to throw upon me, I will never depart from those ethics and principles.

    I continue to maintain that if we all can hold together in the struggle for these noble virtues, I guarantee you, LIBERIA WILL WIN!



    Long Live Gbarpolu County! Long Live Bong County! Long Live Lofa County! Long Live Mama Liberia!


    Thank you very much.



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