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Building a new Liberia that works for everyone

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Joe Boakai has served Liberia for over 40 years in numerous public roles, including Branch Manager of the Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC) and Managing Director of the LPMC, Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation and Minister of Agriculture. Following the restoration of democratic governance in Liberia, he was elected on the Unity Party ticket in 2005 as Vice President of the Republic of Liberia to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. 

For two successive terms, he has served as a voice of calm and exudes tremendous leadership as President of the Liberian Senate; championing initiatives to make government work for everyone, strengthen families and communities, advocating for investment in education to produce successful students and graduates for potential employers, expanding opportunities for families, and revitalizing communities.  In his second term, Joe has continued to build an innovative-based approach to unifying people-all while utilizing his incredible people-centered skills and friendly demeanor to steadily provide leadership in the senate while remaining a balancing fulcrum for the works of the Executive and the Legislative branches of the Liberian Government. 

We made great strides and need to do more!

While it may be true that performance have not met the expectation of the citizenry, We have made some strides during our two terms− stronger, safer emerging neighborhoods, revived the economy, revitalized infrastructure, and provided a governance system that is delivering on improving the quality of life.

We do realize that there is more to do; we need an economy that works for all families, and we humbly ask for your support to diversify our economy to attract jobs; increase greater private sector participation, rebuild and expand our infrastructure, build more schools and ensure commitment to inclusion and social and economic justice.The participation of all is warmly solicited. Ours will continue to be a government of inclusion.

Vision for the Future

An Economy that works for Families

  1. Diversify our economy to attract jobs, increase greater private sector participation, and grow beyond traditional industries like rubber, iron ore, etc; focusing more on the non extractive sector.
  2. Invest in education, K-12 , vocational & higher education, and create opportunities for making our graduates more attractive to potential employers
  3. Support the growth of the domestic private sector by establishing business incubators that will have spin-off effect on small and medium enterprises, and streamline access to finance, and help local businesses thrive
  4. Support farmers with modern agriculture inputs to grow food and cash crops of quality and standard in order to be able to sell them at fair market prices
  5. Collaborate with concessionaires to integrate national planning with concessionaires development planning, and jointly invest in cost sharing for the construction and shared use of power (hydro-electric-dams), water & sewage system, roads & railways, and sea & airports and healthcare delivery system
  6. Decentralize Liberia and allow local communities to make appropriate decisions about improving the welfare and well-being of their communities
  7. Work with rural and urban community leaders and stakeholders to plan the expansion of healthcare facilities and services, construct modern schools & training centers for teachers, addressing the chronic housing needs, construct feeder roads to connect every village to the main roads network; and revitalize local neighborhoods & communities, including establishing public parks, community centers, libraries, and sanitation system
  8. Rebuild Liberia’s image in the world as a responsible and respectable member of the comity of nations― promoting and contributing to global peace and security; and advancing our shared values and prosperity through international cooperation
  9. Establish transparency, good governance, and accountability as the cornerstone of governance in our democracy
  10. Hold each other accountable, taking responsibility for our own development, acting with honesty, and dignity, so that no Liberian will have to ever fear poverty, unemployment, ill health, or aging
  11. Make public service competitive―promoting universal standard of recruitment of public servants, based on qualification, experience, and integrity; and granting only the best with the public’s trust to a government position
  12. Build a security infrastructure and a justice system that creates a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and parents to raise strong families.
  13. Create a system of governance which establishes nationalistic and patriotic values.

Joe Boakai

Joe has worked tirelessly to build an agriculture economy that works for rural families. As Liberia’s Produce and Managing Corporation (LPMC) Branch Manager in Lofa County, he took steps to create an innovative and export-based economy built to last, and embraced the diversity that made LPMC a success story. He is committed to social and economic justice based on his own childhood experience. Joe’s parents were farmers and without means. So, they had to give their son, Joe to relatives to raise and for the most part, he raised himself. And he overcame adversities and developed the spirit and character of giving back to society. He helped form the LPMC and numerous agriculture cooperatives groups, personally funded feeder road projects and built rural schools. Joe and his wife, Kartumu are working parents of four children.

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