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About Your Donation

First and foremost, thank you for considering a donation. Your much needed contribution will Help Joseph Boakai's efforts to improve and serve the people of Liberia. The funds will be used towards supporting his foundation work, campaign efforts and other areas in need of  funding. Only together, can we make Liberia the country we want it to be.

  • Ebola Crisis Funding 80%
  • Marketing & Promotion 40%
  • General Allocation 30%
  • Campaign Contribution 20%

Non- Monetary Contributions

We also graciously accept any kind of non-monetary contributions that will primarily go to help combat the Ebola crisis plaguing our beloved nation. We are much in need of medical equipment, quarantine equipment, hospital beds and sheets, transportation vehicles, as well as any other items that might help in the fight. Please contact us to initiate a discussion on how you can help.