1. Vice President Boakai has been providing humanitarian assistance to the needy in the Liberian Society since 2006 supplying food and non food items. The Vice President is working with the British Charity, HIS CHURCH CHARIY INTERNATIONAL of Reverend Trevor Cockings and these supplies go to hospitals, orphanages, mosques, women and youth groups etc. The Vice President is also working with Reverend Cockings and Soccer Clubs in the United Kingdom for the development of Liberian Soccer. Plans are in the making for the training of coaches, players and referees. At a Press conference recently the Vice President disclosed that he has secured a bus for the National Team the Lone Star.


    2. The Vice President has been running a scholarship program in his Office since 2006 and many students have benefited from these scholarships.


    3. The Vice President secured over one million United States dollars to underwrite the cost associated with the prosthesis procedures of five children who lost their limbs either as a result of accident or as a result of the civil crisis. The operations were carried out in a New York Hospital in the United States.


    4. Vice President Boakai was very instrumental in encouraging Deborah Linholm to establish a microfinance program from which Liberian women are benefiting. The microfinance has also extended it program of lending to schools.


    5. The Vice President while in the United States five years ago solicited essential medicines for Liberian Hospitals worth over two Million United States Dollars in Atlanta, Georgia.


    6. Vice President Boakai believes that technical education is key to the development of the Country and in that light visited Phoenix, Arizona to see the Community College system, one of the best in the United States. That system was adopted and brought to Liberia through the Ministry of Education. Vice President Boakai thinks the creation of technocrats will create jobs and self employment.


    7. Vice President Boakai intervened in the tribal conflict between the Mandingos and the Lormas in Lofa County and that intervention earned him the title Peace Ambassador of Lofa County. His conflict resolution expertise has been used in many areas of Government and in the private sector.


    8. Vice President Boakai coordinated the efforts in the Country to fight Ebola when the nation was grappling with the outbreak and little information was available. He cited professionals including medical practitioners, legal practitioners, Government officials to chart a way forward and to consider the implications of trial drugs and to also develop a common approach to the fight against the virus in the Mano River Basin.


    9. As part of efforts to revive the educational system of Liberia, he donated two hundred new computers to educational institutions and other institutions including radio stations in the Country in 2015.He had received the brand new machines from a South Korean philanthropist.


    10. Vice President Boakai during the Ebola crisis distributed high protein tuna fish to hospitals, communities and those in need and went further to make two forty foot containers of tuna fish to the Republics of Sierra Leone and Guinea on behalf of the Government of Liberia.


    11. He donated Ebola prevention jackets to motorbike operators in Paynesville at the height of the outbreak for the safety of the operators and their passengers.


    12. He continues to engage youth groups through his Project Coordinator in his Office and his life story has served as an inspiration to many young people in Liberia.


    13. He believes in women empowerment and the rule of law and quite recently commissioned the Sewu Community Hospital in Grand Cape Mount County.


    14. His Office is a recipient of a 1.495 research grant from the Gates Foundation.


    15. Met with South African Deputy President, the man poised to become the next President of SA to build a relationship with South Africa. He also met with business men and women in Cape Town where he discussed health, education, commerce and trade in April 2016.


    16. In the 1980s when he served as Minister of Agriculture, 70 percent of the rice on the local market was produced in Liberia and thirty percent was imported into Liberia.


    17. He was the brain behind the cultivation of hundreds of acres of oil palm in Foya District, the project that up till now serves as the backbone of the local economy.


    18. His personal life is an inspiration to all Liberians, free of corruption


    19. He has worked and influenced lives of young people through the YMCA, Federation of Liberian Youth, and Youth with a Mission and other groups.


    20. Since 2006, the VP has been involved with the fulfilment of his constitutional and exercising oversight responsibilities in the following areas- The National Aids Commission, the Liberia Marketing Association, the LMA, the Liberia National Lotteries, etc.


    21. He organized and delivered speeches at Investment forums in the United Kingdom, Atlanta, USA and represented the President of Liberia at the United Nations General Assembly on many occasions.


    22. Brave the Ebola storm and travelled to Lofa to provide counsel and encouragement to his people at the height of the epidemic and later the following year in May accepted a petition in voinjama to contest the presidency in 2017.


    23. In 1986 he purchased land in now Gbarpolu County where today he is engaged in Agricultural projects employing the people of the area. He has plans to build a school and other facilities thus opening up a new frontier in the fight against ignorance, disease and poverty. He was informed by the people of Cape Mount, Gbarpolu, and Bomi on that farm a few weeks ago that they will petition him jointly for the presidency come 2017.


    24. Vice President Boakai addressed students at Tubman University in Harper Maryland County during his visit there as an inspirational speaker and met with chiefs and elders of the South East.


    25. He as policy maker in the agro sector launched the seed rice project in Gbadein, Nimba County in November of 2015.


    26. He was crowned as Peace Ambassador of Lofa County for his role in bringing peace to the county.


    27. His role in the educational sector is profound, championing the cause for the establishment of community colleges as evident by his visit to phoenix Arizona to find out about that States system of technical education.


    28. He dedicated the E.J.Medical Hospital in Ganta,Nimba County on the 22nd of July, 2016 and three schools- one senior high and two elementary.


    29. Received the Prime Minister of Togo who was in the country to attend the post Ebola conference of six West African Nations Task Force on Ebola which Togo Chairs.


    30. Address the World Press Freedom Day in Voinjama, Lofa County in May 2016 it was a colorful occasion with a commitment to press freedom in keeping with the laws of Liberia. He addressed the occasion.


    31. He reconcile and brought peace in the Liberia Marketing Association by resolving issues that plagued the association for decades some dating back to the 70s and 80s, the responsibility was given to him by the President of Liberia.


    32. He reconciled the problems between the Haywood Mission School and the erstwhile American Cooperative School.


    33. He championed the cause of community college education in Liberia, and delivered speeches at the first commencement convocation of the Lofa County Community College, the Nimba County Community College and the Grand Gedeh County Community College in 2015 and 2016 respectively.


    34. Was very instrumental in holding initial talks for the construction of the new ELWA Hospital with Dr. Franklin Graham.


    35. Was very instrumental in negotiating between the people of King Gray and the ELWA family and the GOL over the proposal to build a ministerial complex.


    36. Resolved the dispute in the Unity Party Branch in the United States.

    37. Believes in the Freedom of Information, and therefore visited the Commission to restate his commitment to Freedom of information Act.


    38. Launched a ferry on the Saint Paul River that will benefit thousands of citizens in the area including the sister County of Gbarpolu.


    39. Donated Fire Trucks and equipment to the Liberia National Fire Service and facilitated training for the LNFS through the help of Brooklyn Park.


    40. Delivered in Speech in Nigeria at an ECOWAS forum that flagged that 148 billion is lost to corrupt African Leaders each year in Africa, that speech was hailed the world over again he took a stance on corruption and he will fight it.


    41. He also has said to the European Union and European Countries that African Leaders should be accountable to their peoples, but at the same time pointed out that European nation should help African Countries create stable environments.


    42. A Book has been written about him that has and continues to inspire millions around the world- from Foya to the Capitol on journey to fame.


    43. He donated 500 bags of rice to flood victims in Margibi County.


    44. He has decried the lack of a realistic agricultural policy in Liberia; he says there is a need for a realistic agricultural policy in Liberia.


    45. He has addressed the United Nations General Assembly two times on behalf of the President of the Republic of Liberia.


    46. He has also addressed the World Humanitarian Summit and held sidelines meetings with key world leaders in Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey.


    47. He has met with the Director General of the World Health Organization in Geneva and set the pace for future collaboration on a new health program for Liberia.


    48. He has also met with the UNHCR and held talks on areas of collaboration in the future.


    49. He has also met with the Former Secretary General of the United Nations, Dr. Kofi Annan on key international issues and Liberia at the Kofi Annan Foundation in Geneva.


    50. Vice President Boakai believes that International NGOs should make a full disclosure of monies spent in Africa.


    51. Vice President Boakai donated two containers of tuna fish to Sierra Leone and Guinea.


    52. Vice President Boakai is a member of YMCA, Rotary Club and makes his humanitarian Contributions through these charities.


    53. He believes in Rural Banking.


    54. Vice President Boakai addressed the Liberia Educational Forum in Philadelphia, USA to seek collaboration for the educational sector.


    55. Vice President Boakai addressed the Liberia Business Forum in Philadelphia, USA, to explain the good investment climate in Liberia.


    56. He had earlier addressed Liberia Investments forums in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and in the United States to get investors back in Liberia.


    57. He clean character has led to the establishment of over a hundred auxiliaries that support his presidential bid in October this year


    58.  Because of his good character over nine counties have endorsed his candidature, over 22 senators and over 33 members of the House of Representatives.

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